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Definition Of ocelot

a medium-sized wild cat that has a tawny yellow coat marked with black blotches and spots, and ranges from southern Texas through South America.

He doesn't have big teeth so he wouldn't be able to protect himself against eagles, jaguars, and ocelots in central South America.

Example Of ocelot

  • After about ten minutes, the little ocelot returns with two plates full of steaming meat and vegetables.

  • An ocelot has eyes on its skin, but that is purely coincidental; the word comes from the Nahuatl word ocelotl, a jaguar.

  • And the black girl had been watching her with the unblinking intensity of an ocelot ever since taking her position.

  • As Erian had said, just as the ocelot ran off into the forest the poachers came at him, four of them.

  • Clearly, bobcats could survive hunting pressures better than margays and ocelots .

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