Definition Of martial


( circa 40– circa ad 104 ) , Roman epigrammatist, born in Spain; Latin name Marcus Valerius Martialis . His 15 books of epigrams, in a variety of meters, reflect all facets of Roman life.

of or appropriate to war; warlike.

martial bravery

Example Of martial

  • Martially , the practitioner trains to remain calm, relaxed, balanced and centered while avoiding attacks, disrupting an opponent's balance, controlling with joint-locks and breaks, and executing powerful throws and attacks.

  • ‘It hardly needs to be said that my husband is martially skilled,’ Adriana went on, ‘and I myself am skilled as well.’

  • Both genres are based on stories of different kinds of martial quest.

  • Dreams of martial glory are hardly uncommon in 19-year-olds all over the world.

  • He has done a great service in bringing more attention to the western martial tradition and history.

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