Definition Of mandible


the jaw or a jawbone, especially the lower jawbone in mammals and fishes.

The tongue is suspended from the inside of the mandible above the hyoid bone and has muscles with a range of different orientations.

Example Of mandible

  • Both wolves and spotted hyenas tend to leave the skulls and mandibles of their prey behind, but they often remove entire limbs, especially from the upper exposed side of the carcass.

  • Breeding adults have a laterally flattened horn on the upper mandible .

  • Centipedes were measured from the tip of the upper mandible to the posterior end of the last body segment.

  • Chewing is a cyclic motion of the mandible and tongue apparatus, whereby food is reduced between the maxillary and mandibular teeth.

  • Delayed induced effects have been studied almost exclusively with mandibulate insects.

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