Definition Of macerate


(especially with reference to food) soften or become softened by soaking in a liquid.

Leaves from adults were macerated with liquid nitrogen and then 75 mg of the tissue was mixed with 375 ml of extraction buffer.

cause to grow thinner or waste away, especially by fasting.

She already macerated her poor little body and had resolved never to refuse the requests of the unfortunate.

Example Of macerate

  • macerate the mustard seeds in vinegar

  • ‘The food macerator recycles liquid as a sort of soup, to avoid the need for fresh water,’ said Sarah.

  • Cancer macerated her body and soul.

  • Food Waste is washed through the sink into the Macerator , which then can be discharged to sea.

  • Four of the sections used in the UAE studies were macerated in Jeffrey's solution.

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