lummox Meaning in Hindi

मूर्ख मूढ़

Synonyms Of lummox


Definition Of lummox


a clumsy, stupid person.

watch it, you great lummox!

Example Of lummox

  • And they hadn't a clue about the right products and materials for the job - one lummox had even ruined a stainless steel cooker by attacking it with a steel scourer.

  • Anyway, the point of this is that it was my big bro's birthday yesterday - the big lummox was 39.

  • As amusing as this looks, Detective, get this lummox off me.

  • ‘They ain't fer you, ya big lummox ,’ Becky Sue said.

  • But some lummox has to miss the decisive penalty, and I'm saying it'll be him.

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