Definition Of latch


a metal bar with a catch and lever used for fastening a door or gate.

On large canvas slabs, he uses a thick rust-colored paint and applies objects such as antler-shaped branches, a door latch or a metal chain.

fasten (a door or gate) with a latch.

she latched the door carefully

Example Of latch

  • A deadbolt is more secure than a spring-driven latch since it's much harder to push the bolt in from the side of the door.

  • Because if it is the one with the gate, that is quite a secure fence and it looks like a gate with a latch .

  • Darius flipped the latch and pushed the gate open.

  • He fumbled for the latch to open his door, and left the limousine and the beautiful woman behind as quickly as he could.

  • He kept disappearing into the toilet where he would latch the door and snort cocaine.

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