Definition Of kickbacks


a payment made to someone who has facilitated a transaction or appointment, especially illicitly.

Of course they are the beneficiaries of kickbacks and illicit hordes of money safely stashed in cash and kind, in many cases also abroad.

a sudden forceful recoil.

the kickback from the gun punches your shoulder

Example Of kickbacks

  • A legacy of nomadic lifestyles gives people a sense of defiant self-rule, observers say, while the nation's poverty nurtures discontent toward people in power who take bribes and kickbacks .

  • A succession of witnesses have since come out to implicate the president - some of them also accusing her of using kickbacks from illegal gambling to finance the electoral fraud.

  • Bar nose kickback is one of the more common causes of serious chainsaw injury accidents.

  • Basically he's saying that unless everyone got kickbacks in proportion to their contributions, nobody got kickbacks .

  • Five other doctors, accused of receiving kickbacks in return for patient referrals, are also facing charges.

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