Definition Of kibbles


an iron hoisting bucket used in mines.

grind or chop (beans, grain, etc.) coarsely.

It also contains a number of grains, soaked overnight: linseed, rolled oats, polenta, sunflower seeds, purple kibbled wheat and sesame seeds.

ground meal shaped into pellets, especially for pet food.

Stuff you wouldn't want to eat but the dog might like: dried liver, plain old (good quality) dog kibble , dry cat food, other pre-made dog treats.

Example Of kibbles

  • a bowl of kibble

  • Both dog and cat kibble cost $5.95 for five pounds and $32.50 for 40 pounds.

  • By the time I'm awake the next morning, it's ten thirty, the sun is up, the birds are singing… and my cat Aryan is sitting on my chest, yowling her lungs out in the hopes of getting some kibble .

  • Capabilities include powder blending and damping, sieving, kibbling , dissolving, and filtering.

  • Do you want my dog to have to go back to eating generic kibble ?

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