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a bone of the jaw, especially that of the lower jaw (the mandible), or either half of this.

In addition to the embryos and eye, the fossil find includes portions of a snout plus jawbones , skull bones, cheekbones, and teeth.

attempt to persuade or pressure by the force of one's position of authority.

the Federal Reserve Board Vice Chairman jawboned the dollar higher by calling its recent steep decline a purely speculative phenomenon

Example Of jawbone

  • A bony layer of cementum covers the outside of the root, under the gum line, and holds the tooth in place within the jawbone .

  • A German man who lost his lower jaw nearly 10 years ago to a malignant tumor regained the ability to eat more than soup this year when he was given an engineered jawbone .

  • Although myofibroma of the jawbones is a rare lesion, it should be considered in the differential diagnosis of unilocular radiolucent lesions in the mandible, especially in children.

  • As it turned out, the Piltdown forgery was rather crude, involving the filing down of an ape jawbone and its artificial colouring, along with the parts of a modern human cranium.

  • Basescu also jawboned local businesses to renovate schools, while bars and restaurants were encouraged to clean up sidewalks by their premises, which many actually did.

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