Definition Of jabber


fast, excited talk that makes little sense.

stop your jabber

talk rapidly and excitedly but with little sense.

he jabbered away to his friends

Example Of jabber

  • A woman jabbered in French into her hands-free phone.

  • After nearly twenty minutes of this pointless and boring (and, in some cases, untruthful) jabber , the coach blew four quick whistle blasts and gave a long, loud holler.

  • After that comment, sure enough her sister conjured up the same lecture about swearing to Blair, Blair was just a bit put down when she couldn't walk away from this incessant jabber of her sister's idea on etiquette.

  • Big Bill is so desperate for attention these days that he might actually show up, and then you'd have a hard time getting rid of him as he jabbered on into the wee hours while your other guests stifle yawns and sneak peeks at their watches.

  • Brae sat back happily and listened half-heartedly to Chase's unceasing jabber .

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