Definition Of inviolable


never to be broken, infringed, or dishonored.

an inviolable rule of chastity

Example Of inviolable

  • A 20-year veteran of the peace movement, Brubaker had learned one of the inviolable laws of the left: thou shalt not fraternize with big business.

  • All the hopes we are pinning on the continuation of the processes of economic and political reform, on our very future, rest on our stability and security remaining inviolable .

  • an inviolable rule of chastity

  • But should we be amazed by the insight that our memories are not inviolable , or that identity is duplicitous, or that many of us spend our entire lives trying to please our parents?

  • Every state was to abide by the determination of Congress on questions delegated to Congress by the Articles, and the Articles were to be inviolably observed by every state.

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