Definition Of inauspicious


not conducive to success; unpromising.

it was an inauspicious beginning to the long and complex entanglement

Example Of inauspicious

  • An indigo base is usually meant for an adult and often signifies an unhappy or inauspicious occasion.

  • ‘The beginning was decidedly inauspicious ,’ she writes.

  • ‘This isn't my day’ she concluded somewhat belatedly; shaking her head in a combination of attrition and black humor as she considered the somewhat odious inauspiciousness of today's events thus far.

  • But, for many, sadly all snowdrops are to be shunned; like other white flowers, they are often considered inauspicious .

  • Despite an inauspicious damp start to the day, the sun came out as the 1,400 participants gathered for the event, which was held at Broughton Hall, near Skipton.

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