Definition Of imposing


arrange (pages of type) so that they will be in the correct order after printing and folding.

force (something unwelcome or unfamiliar) to be accepted or put in place.

the decision was theirs and was not imposed on them by others

grand and impressive in appearance.

an imposing 17th-century manor house

take advantage of someone by demanding their attention or commitment.

she realized that she had imposed on Miss Hatherby's kindness

Example Of imposing

  • A high domed roof and Ionic-Corinthian pillars give the General Post Office in Kolkata an imposing appearance.

  • an imposing 17th-century manor house

  • And at an imposingly athletic 6ft 3ins tall, he doesn't have to do much to command the attention of the room.

  • At a lean 12 st and 6ft 3in, he is an imposing presence.

  • At the end of the corridor was an imposingly dark door, with a big, heavy knob.

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