Definition Of importune


ask (someone) pressingly and persistently for or to do something.

if he were alive now, I should importune him with my questions

harass (someone) persistently for or to do something.

the president would importune them to try harder

Example Of importune

  • Although I was being importuned with an obstinate request for alms, I nonetheless summoned enough courage to give him a glowering look in an attempt to scare him away.

  • As a journalist, I've been cajoled, flattered, and importuned (not to mention insulted, ignored, bored, and patronized) by politicians.

  • As you might recall I importuned you on this topic at our previous encounter, but it seems that little has resulted.

  • ‘If I could just see you, talk to you’ a woman importunes her lover, forgetting that she is, in fact, talking to him.

  • But a glimpse of the relationship can be found in the notes of a visitor, August Gottlieb Meissner, who was present when Mozart's friends importuned him to finish the overture to Don Giovanni.

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