Definition Of hieratic


of or concerning priests.

he raised both his arms in an outlandish hieratic gesture

Example Of hieratic

  • A related influence on liturgical ceremonial was imperial court practice, contributing still more to the transformation of the Eucharistic liturgy from common meal to hieratic pageant.

  • Carved on four sides with reliefs depicting members of the imperial house in attendance at the circus games, the base embodies the abstract, hieratic form that had become the norm in official works of art by the end of the fourth century.

  • Despite their loose execution, most of these single-figure compositions are rather stiff and hieratic .

  • Hieroglyphs for writing and counting gave way to a hieratic script for both writing and numerals.

  • In contrast, the ‘Last Judgment’ is organized hieratically in three tiers, with the scale of the figures manipulated to indicate their relative importance.

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