guff Meaning in Hindi

गपशप बक

Synonyms Of guff


Definition Of guff


trivial, worthless, or insolent talk or ideas.

Trust me, these ‘get rich quick’ ads are pure bull, guff and hogwash!

Example Of guff

  • All this guff and nonsense does is reinforce the conviction that the City of York Council does not give a stuff if there is a football club in the city.

  • All this kind of music about energy is the best thing that ministers in Canada seem to be able to think up to kind of sing, to show the Canadian public that they're concerned, they're not going to put up with this guff from the United States.

  • And while this particular statement may lack the torturous semantics of its predecessors, it still adds up to in-your-face guff .

  • Artists in many fields collaborate, as painters did in the Renaissance, before there was any guff about the artist as transcendent, solitary genius.

  • At this point, readers might say to themselves, ‘Well, this is all plain common sense and simple rational process anyway, so why bother with all this postmodern guff ?’

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