Definition Of grapple


an act of grappling.

Over 40 separate maneuvers are available to The Hulk via his combat system, which consists of a number of punches, jumps, and grapples .

engage in a close fight or struggle without weapons; wrestle.

passersby grappled with the man after the knife attack

seize or hold with a grapnel.

This said, they grappled him with more than hundred hooks.

Example Of grapple

  • A brief grapple ensued, pushing and shoving aplenty all round, and I duly broke free, uninjured and unrobbed.

  • A combination of factors, including species, pile height and operator preference had led him to look for a new grapple , in this case one that didn't yet exist.

  • A hydraulic thumb or clamp allows you to grasp rocks, tree stumps, and other oddly shaped objects, while a grapple makes it easy to handle brush and other bulky material.

  • And now she has admitted having a catfight with her housekeeper in which both women ended up rolling around on the floor, grappling and screaming.

  • As grapple fans the world over know, this only ever works in the arena of World Wrestling Entertainment.

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