Definition Of gastronomy


the practice or art of choosing, cooking, and eating good food.

Far from being champions of a brave new world of gastronomy , we consume more junk food than the rest of Europe put together.

Example Of gastronomy

  • A string of such venues opened a few years ago when the Paris food scene realized with a start that gastronomy did not stop at the Pyrenées - all things Iberian have been riding that trendy wave ever since.

  • And this diet, which would kill anybody but a pre-teen girl with a stomach of steel, left me with an eternal fondness for these three staples of the English gastronomy .

  • As the first restaurant chef to create menus in which each dish is served with a specially selected wine, he is a firm believer in the idea that true gastronomy should be a marriage of food and drink.

  • Because it's laid out by ingredient, and Stephanie knows so much about the history and uses of food, it's like reading a story of gastronomy .

  • But nearby there are also restaurants associated with some of the biggest names in French gastronomy .

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