Definition Of garb


a sheaf of wheat.

Traditionally, the garb of wheat represents both farming and hospitality.

clothing or dress, especially of a distinctive or special kind.

the black and brown garb of a Franciscan friar

dress in distinctive clothes.

she was garbed in Indian shawls

Example Of garb

  • All are garbed in casual street wear, their perspectivally large feet clad in brand-name boots or sneakers.

  • All of this enticed David to go up to the booth master who was garbed in purple linens from head to foot.

  • All the women looked so beautiful - though few were actually fair in face, all were flawlessly garbed and made up.

  • At a gathering of nuns in Washington in 1979, he ordered the sisters to dress in proper religious garb and to remember their true vocation as acquiescent helpers.

  • At the end of the tunnel stood a man dressed in leather garb with a sling of arrows on his back.

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