Definition Of gabfest


a conference or other gathering with prolonged talking.

these summits are merely empty gabfests

Example Of gabfest

  • Along with best-selling political cartoonist Tom Tomorrow, Atrios was ‘invited’ to participate at a gabfest at Harvard's Berkman Law School called BloggerCon, to be held in October.

  • Am I the only one who can't stand morning gabfests on the radio?

  • Between late night gabfests and primetime specials, the presidential candidates are hitting the airwaves to show their softer sides!

  • Cori - the Council of Religious of Ireland - is a social partner, but its influence in national debate goes well beyond the Dublin Castle gabfests .

  • Even so, I no doubt saw much more of the gabfest than did the vast majority of voters, which tells you something about the state of participatory democracy in Canada.

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