Definition Of gabble


rapid unintelligible talk.

she wasn't very good at the random gabble of teenagers


rapid, unintelligible talk.

There was some tired bureaucratic gabble - ‘An in-depth process that includes accountability will provide progress.’

talk rapidly and unintelligibly; utter meaningless sounds.

he gabbled on in a panicky way until he was dismissed

Example Of gabble

  • Another personality was Harry Hemsley, who had a little boy who spoke in an unintelligible gabble , but was understood perfectly well by his elder sister.

  • Around them bustles Ceicao, an ancient village woman, who cackles and gabbles as she throws sticks and pokes the ashes of the fire, raising cinders like showers of fireworks.

  • ‘Hello, Ty,’ she says, the bucket gently sloshing, the solid air rent by the blast of the speakers, the crowd gabbling , her unflinching eyes locked on mine.

  • ‘I love Christmas and not just because it makes me money,’ he gabbles .

  • ‘Not a problem,’ he gabbles , so rattled he's not noticed that the important fields are filled out in pencil.

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