Definition Of furbelow


a gathered strip or pleated border of a skirt or petticoat.

Less juvenile cladding and other furbelows , better-integrated hood scoops, nicer stances and silhouettes - you name it, the '05s are better at it than their predecessors were.

adorn with trimmings.

The desserts seem steadier, although they, too, succumb to major-league busyness, being garnished and furbelowed to a fare-thee-well.

Example Of furbelow

  • After playing small roles in everything from Shakespeare to Jean Anouilh, she was singing in a small New York club in 1959 when Coward heard her and put her, furbelowed all the way to her eyebrow-tangling bangs, in his musical Look After Lulu.

  • cold chickens and galantines, all white-frilled and furbelowed

  • In chests in the attic are furbelowed skirts of her great-grandmother's day, the day when her set of six chairs, delicately designed by a colonial craftsman, made a wedding present for her ancestor.

  • In his book on orchids he documents the elaborate frills and furbelows , gimmicks and traps, that lure and exploit insect pollinators, thereby ensuring cross-fertilization.

  • In such a furbelowed , tasseled and bedizened production, the greatest of singers would have a difficult time making an impression.

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