Definition Of fracture


break or cause to break.

the stone has fractured

the cracking or breaking of a hard object or material.

bone density testing can predict the risk for fracture

the replacement of a simple vowel by a diphthong owing to the influence of a following sound, typically a consonant.

Example Of fracture

  • a fracture of the left leg

  • A previous spinal fracture is an important risk factor for subsequent hip fractures in both men and women.

  • Alteration of this mineral has produced an unusual abundance of vivianite coatings on fracture surfaces in the rock.

  • As the characters descend into madness, the camera work also begins to fracture and break down.

  • As the magma in the intruding sill moves updip, the tensile stress on an intersecting fracture above the sill becomes greater, and the tensile strength of the sediments becomes less.

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