Definition Of fit


(of a thing) of a suitable quality, standard, or type to meet the required purpose.

the meat is fit for human consumption

a section of a poem.

The balance of this first fytte consists mostly of lengthy dialogue detailing the knight's impoverishment.

a sudden uncontrollable outbreak of intense emotion, laughter, coughing, or other action or activity.

in a fit of temper

be in agreement or harmony with; match.

the punishment should fit the crime

be of the right shape and size for.

those jeans still fit me

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Example Of fit

  • a fit subject on which to correspond

  • A belt that doesn't have holes is even easier, as it's fully adjustable for a perfect fit .

  • a close fit between teachers' qualifications and their teaching responsibilities

  • A great deal of the power and impact of the preached Word comes from the fit between the preacher and the words being preached.

  • A healthy body is one that is strong, flexible and aerobically fit .

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