Definition Of faithfully


in a loyal manner.

The humbled Wolsey, weeping at Cromwell's loyalty, urges him to forsake him and serve the King faithfully .

in a manner that is true to the facts or the original.

she translated the novel as faithfully as possible

Example Of faithfully

  • Across the span of time, sons faithfully transmitted the literary heritage of the fathers.

  • An autobiography is an attempt to bring up all the facts, and to stick to them, faithfully and chronologically.

  • As such, this is one aspect of the space opera genre that Vinge retains faithfully in his novels.

  • ‘It is a very sad day for the city of York and the people that he has served so faithfully over many years,’ he said.

  • Black levels are accurate and the various earth tones are faithfully rendered in golds and browns.

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