Definition Of faithful


having a strong belief in a particular religion, especially Islam.

The responsibilities of the papacy today are daunting, and all realize that the bishop of Rome needs the prayers of the faithful .

loyal, constant, and steadfast.

he exhorted them to remain faithful to the principles of Reaganism

remaining loyal and steadfast.

throughout his career, he remained faithful to the principles of Classical art

those who are faithful to a particular religion or political party.

a muezzin called the faithful to prayer

true to the facts or the original.

the rugs they make today remain faithful to their ancestors' methods

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Example Of faithful

  • A character actor may also be a faithful husband; both are steady, if unspectacular jobs.

  • a muezzin called the faithful to prayer

  • Alex's mother Christiane however, has become a staunch party faithful member, though trying to improve everyday life in her own small way.

  • All your friends may not be as reliable or faithful as you expect.

  • Although closely related species, meadow voles have multiple mates while prairie voles remain steadfastly faithful to their partners.

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