excrement Meaning in Hindi


Definition Of excrement


waste matter discharged from the bowels; feces.

The disease can spread on contact with body fluids such as blood, urine, excrement , vomit and saliva.

Example Of excrement

  • A prosecution will be brought if a warden witnesses a person in control of a dog who allows the pet to foul and who does not pick up the resulting excrement .

  • But that just means our parks are now full of special bins containing flimsy plastic bags packed with excrement .

  • Damage included excrement in a tea pot, broken prizeboards, smashed clocks and graffiti-covered walls.

  • Feathers of infested birds are discolored by mite excrement and eggs, and the skin is scabby.

  • Her textual obscenery is perceived as ‘bad’, as excremental because it denies mainstream literary audiences the satisfaction of uncomplicated, uncritical consumption.

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