Definition Of excite


bring out or give rise to (a feeling or reaction).

the ability to excite interest in others

cause strong feelings of enthusiasm and eagerness in (someone).

flying still excites me

produce a state of increased energy or activity in (a physical or biological system).

the energy of an electron is sufficient to excite the atom

Example Of excite

  • Alkaline phosphatase-labeled complexes react with the substrate creating a chemical reaction and a source of energy to excite the dioxetane substrate.

  • ATP provides the energy to excite the electrons, and luciferin is one of the relatively rare molecules that gives off energy as light rather than heat.

  • ‘… The Fascist Brothel’ may well excite the art-rock lovers but those who crave for a bit of style to go with it may be left a little disappointed.

  • Concentrate on areas that particularly excite you, but try not to stimulate only the most obvious bits.

  • Doesn't excite me sexually, but I could certainly watch it again and again, even as it makes me wince.

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