Definition Of engirdled


remove the bridle from (a horse or mule).

learn how to bridle and unbridle a horse

uncontrolled; unconstrained.

a moment of unbridled ambition

Example Of engirdled

  • Albany recoils from the savage ethos in which his wife lives, foreseeing both her own destruction and that of the universe itself as a consequence of unbridled self-interest.

  • But the outlaw, formerly known as William Bonny, radiated arrogance, and an unbridled lust for blood in every fiber of his being.

  • I guess they figure, as the recent blackout demonstrated, that the only thing separating humanity from unbridled , rampant hedonism is the electricity grid.

  • I speak, of course, of Riverdance, with its scantily clad females dancing in unison with men, in a vulgar display of wantonness and unbridled lust.

  • In Marlowe's rendition, he is portrayed as a tragic hero in that his unbridled ambitions lead him to an unfortunate end.

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