Definition Of endamnify


compensate (someone) for harm or loss.

the amount of insurance that may be carried to indemnify the owner in the event of a loss

Example Of endamnify

  • A plaintiff has no contractual right to recover loss from third parties and so might require the indemnifier to make good any such loss.

  • Admittedly, that article allows the Member States to choose between indemnification and compensation for damage.

  • At common law the circumstance that a defendant is contractually indemnified by a third party against a particular legal liability can have no relevance whatever to the measure of that liability..

  • each of the parties shall indemnify me for all reasonable costs of defending such actions and proceedings

  • Further, Mrs. Boileau shall indemnify him, if he is ever called on to pay any amount referable to the mortgage on the matrimonial home.

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