Definition Of elevated


an elevated railroad.

raise or lift (something) up to a higher position.

the exercise will naturally elevate your chest and head

situated or placed higher than the surrounding area.

this hotel has an elevated position above the village

Example Of elevated

  • A long winding driveway leads to this secluded property, which is situated on elevated ground with spectacular views of surrounding pastureland and magnificent stands of mature timber.

  • Abundances of nine taxa varied significantly among transition zones and interiors of benthoscape elements, most with elevated abundances in transition zones.

  • Alin was more rural town than city, but its strategic position may perhaps explain its elevated standing in the eyes of those who dwelt, soldiered, and plied commerce in the north of Brand.

  • Although using Ecstasy has decreased for the first time since 1991 and its use perceived as a greater risk by the students, the rates of heavy or binge drinking have not declined and remain at an elevated level.

  • An example of a thermochemical process for producing fuels using solar power involves thermally reducing a metal oxide at elevated temperatures using concentrated solar energy.

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