Definition Of effective


a soldier fit and available for service.

In late June, a Russian army of some 42000 had taken advantage of the overextended lines of communication of Charles XII and his Swedish force of around 19000 effectives , to win an overwhelming victory at Poltava, deep in the Ukraine.

fulfilling a specified function in fact, though not formally acknowledged as such.

the region did not come under effective Dutch control until 1904

successful in producing a desired or intended result.

effective solutions to environmental problems

Example Of effective

  • A container deposit system is also effective in increasing environmental awareness.

  • A positive approach may be helpful and perhaps more effective in the long run than criticism.

  • And why weren't they more effective in persuading the Indonesians of the importance of this case to Australia?

  • As the levels of funding increase, the effective return on payroll taxes goes up.

  • Critics have questioned why private companies or charities should be given effective control over state-funded schools.

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