Definition Of edging


a thing forming an edge or border.

the crocheted edging of the cloth

give an intense or sharp quality to.

the bitterness that edged her voice

move gradually, carefully, or furtively in a particular direction.

she tried to edge away from him

provide with a border or edge.

the pool is edged with paving

ski with one's weight on the edges of one's skis.

Although it seems like skating uphill requires more edging , more pushing back and lots of grunting, focus on forward motion of your core and maximizing glide.

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Example Of edging

  • a chemise with lace edging

  • As its name depicts, these carnations are very showy when planted as part of a mixed flower border or as colorful edgings against evergreen shrubs.

  • ‘We have a parlor,’ she said imperiously, straightening the lace edgings on the pillow.

  • But if you have loose soil, consider using landscape timbers or another edging material to hold everything in place.

  • Critics of edging tiles claimed they were difficult to keep upright and in a straight line and were concerned about their durability.

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