Synonyms Of dryrot

Definition Of dryrot


fungal timber decay occurring in poorly ventilated conditions in buildings, resulting in cracking and powdering of the wood.

Ironically, the rest of the building is in good condition apart from some dry rot in the North Aisle where a temporary floor has been put down.

the fungus that causes dry rot decay.

the fungus that causes this.

The distortion I saw was a rippling effect in the surface of the joinery caused by shrinkage of the timber as the dry rot fungus destroyed the internal wood.

Example Of dryrot

  • A giant rainwater tank fitted in the building in the 19th century has leaked water into the walls over the years, leading to the dry rot infestation.

  • A surveyors' report revealed that the 18-year-old prefabricated building had dry rot and a collapsing floor.

  • Apparently the building is full of dry rot and has to come down.

  • Bannisters have been stripped and eroded by the rain and Elaine's door has been penetrated by dry rot .

  • But by the time Walter took it over, the condition of the house was already deteriorating due to dry rot .

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