Definition Of dribble


(chiefly in soccer, field hockey, and basketball) take (the ball) forward past opponents with slight touches of the feet or the stick, or (in basketball) by continuous bouncing.

he attempted to dribble the ball from the goal area

(in soccer, hockey, and basketball) an act or instance of taking the ball forward with repeated slight touches or bounces.

He is taking the ball to the basket aggressively and making plays off the dribble for his teammates.

(of a liquid) fall slowly in drops or a thin stream.

rain dribbled down the window

a thin stream of liquid; a trickle.

a dribble of blood

Example Of dribble

  • a dribble of blood

  • A dribble of blood trickled from the corner of his mouth as he fought to find enough force to speak.

  • A dribble of ketchup slide down her chin and threatened to stain her t-shirt, but she scooped it up just in time.

  • A dribble of saliva clung to his chin, but he didn't seem to mind.

  • a mesmerizing dribble by Daley took him through to confirm Villa's victory

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