downslope Meaning in Hindi

Definition Of downslope


a downward slope.

The downslopes - the ends of careers - are usually never pretty for anybody.

at or toward a lower point on a slope.

Gasping, Joshua stumbled into the driving snow, slogging through the drifts downslope toward the forest and the Dogs, his legs already numb with the chill.

Example Of downslope

  • A sixty-pound fine for being in the wrong gear on a downslope is a bit harsh in anyone's books.

  • Along the edge of the forest, still far away and tiny, their horses, a black gelding and a dappled gray mare, picked their way downslope , followed by a string of mules.

  • And he did it when his career was on the downslope , after spending parts of six seasons in the majors with the Philadelphia A's and Cleveland Indians between 1922 and 1929.

  • As quietly as possible in such rocky terrain, we moved downslope so as to avoid appearing above the sheep - a sure way to spook an animal whose survival depends on climbing higher than any pursuer.

  • As your balance and coordination improve, set goals like eyeballing a tree 100 yards downslope and making 20 turns on the way to it.

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