Definition Of divine


a cleric or theologian.

There are also many references to contemporary natural sciences and a healthy smattering of Anglican divines , including Hooker, Andrewes, and Herbert.

discover (something) by guesswork or intuition.

his brother usually divined his ulterior motives

excellent; delightful.

that succulent clementine tasted divine

of, from, or like God or a god.

heroes with divine powers

providence or God.

After all, the Divine is an all-encompassing entity.

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Example Of divine

  • A book of exemplary wisdom was, therefore, easily more divine than idols.

  • A prince could scarcely claim divine sanction for his authority and then exercise it in ways that blatantly contradicted its ultimate source and model.

  • A septuagenarian performed the Ganesha dance with all its divine appeal.

  • And I wasn't able to divine what that magic ingredient was exactly.

  • Any authority will do, any divine mission, any sacred fatherland or revolution.

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