Definition Of dissolve


(in a movie) an act or instance of moving gradually from one picture to another.

We see how helicopters were used, how scenes were composed, and the before-and-after dissolves of scenes.

(with reference to a solid) become or cause to become incorporated into a liquid so as to form a solution.

glucose dissolves easily in water

close down or dismiss (an assembly or official body).

the country's president can dissolve parliament under certain circumstances

Example Of dissolve

  • dissolve a bouillon cube in a pint of hot water

  • dissolve a stock cube in a pint of hot water

  • dissolve to side view, looking down the street

  • A neutral charged creatine remains, which can dissolve more completely in water.

  • Abby stood up and started to read a poem that my Nan had written but after two lines she dissolved in tears and my sister went up and rescued her.

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