Definition Of dissipation


dissipated living.

a descent into drunkenness and sexual dissipation

squandering of money, energy, or resources.

the dissipation of the country's mineral wealth

Example Of dissipation

  • a descent into drunkenness and sexual dissipation

  • A lot of the public policy programs, while they might have achieved economic benefits, have led to break up and dissipation of what were already very modest masses of intellectual capital and expertise.

  • According to many participants, these revivals acted as an antidote to dissipation , and - especially in Southern armies during the last eighteen months of the war - to despair.

  • As they proceeded he grew increasingly concerned over the potential for the dissipation of his new-found wealth in the crowds that lay ahead.

  • At college, Peirce earned a reputation for arrogance, brilliance, iconoclasm, dangerous mood swings, and dissipation , behaviors owing in part to neurological pathologies.

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