Definition Of disjoint


(of two or more sets) having no elements in common.

Remember how when comparing two hyperreal numbers we form three disjoint sets: the agreement set, and two order relation sets.

disturb the cohesion or organization of.

the loss of the area disjointed military plans

Example Of disjoint

  • A 500-foot length of thirty-six-inch water main was lowered six feet without cracking the big tube or disjointing any one of the forty-five sections that composed it.

  • A matching in a graph is a set of disjoint edges (i.e no two sharing an endpoint) connecting pairs of vertices, and a maximum matching is a matching of maximum size.

  • Divergence scores were averaged over consecutive disjoint sets of 15 genes each to smooth the curves.

  • If there are an even number of people in the circle, this breaks the analysis into two disjoint groups, each of which must stabilize (but not necessarily to the same number).

  • Poor management that fails to recognise and acknowledge them can result in them disjointing the organisation by ignoring important interdependencies.

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