Definition Of disarticulating


separate (bones) at the joints.

the African egg-eating snake can disarticulate its lower jaw from its upper

Example Of disarticulating

  • Additionally, disarticulated human bone was found mixed with animal bone and other household refuse in the fill of burial pits and other small pits.

  • Almost all of the skeletons are entirely disarticulated , obscuring our view of what occurred after death.

  • Although disarticulated , the bones maintain some anatomical organization.

  • Although all sutures are open and some are now filled with sediment, these elements must have been firmly united by ligaments to resist the forces that completely disarticulated other parts of the skeleton.

  • An infant buried in a pit within the Dederiyeh Cave in Syria, for example, seems to have been placed after its joints had become disarticulated , but with some concern that bodily parts were placed in their correct anatomical order.

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