Definition Of depository


(of a share or receipt) representing a share in a foreign company. The depositary share or receipt is traded on the stock exchange of the investor's country rather than the actual share, which is deposited in a foreign bank.

Last spring the government proposed selling shares to overseas investors via depositary receipts on the New York Stock Exchange.

a place where things are stored.

Those who think otherwise should visit some of the recycling stations, to see the miscellaneous rubbish which is dumped in an assortment of sacks and bags, beside the bottle banks and paper depositories .

Example Of depository

  • A ‘Space Access Organization’ would, at least, be able to gather all the hard-won data from these canceled programs and maintain a central depository of information and expert knowledge.

  • About 80 percent of those asked agreed to allow a portion of blood drawn for other medical purposes to be used for the isolation of DNA that was placed in the registry depository .

  • Constantinople was known in the West to contain great depositories of ancient Greek literature and a few scholars familiar with it.

  • Despite a lack of spacial limitations imposed on the text, the Factbook is far from a depository of ‘raw data.’

  • Fishermen are the last of the hunter-gatherers, representatives of a part of Scotland's rural tradition and the depository of the nation's hope for any part in the future of fishing.

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