Definition Of degenerate


an immoral or corrupt person.

Let the nation cleanse itself of its degenerates , its traitors, its thugs.

decline or deteriorate physically, mentally, or morally.

the quality of life had degenerated

having lost the physical, mental, or moral qualities considered normal and desirable; showing evidence of decline.

a degenerate form of a higher civilization

lacking some property, order, or distinctness of structure previously or usually present, in particular.

Example Of degenerate

  • A group of people - some of whom are reading this review - that find themselves on the wet end of a degenerate culture.

  • A partly degenerate consensus sequence was created from the Aspergillus and Penicillium sequences to evaluate the statistical significance of this alignment.

  • A set of degenerate states constitutes an energy level.

  • After being injected with a truth serum, Catherine tells the story of her partner's death that features a central character more degenerate than decent.

  • Although Trotsky considered the Soviet Union as a degenerate worker's state, it was far from it.

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