Definition Of decadence


moral or cultural decline as characterized by excessive indulgence in pleasure or luxury.

he denounced Western decadence

Example Of decadence

  • As an ingredient, it adds decadence to our dairy desserts, a sweet richness to our dairy beverages.

  • At nudging 78, I can remember a very different society from our current cesspool of moral, social and economic decadence .

  • AVOCADO AND BACON This is for people who love their food and see the sandwich's potential for utter indulgence and decadence .

  • “French” connotes richness and decadence, and that's the idea of this ice cream

  • Besides the mother/daughter role reversal, much of the show's comedy derived from women indulging in unashamed decadence , hedonism and outrageous, unladylike behaviour in the absence of men.

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