Definition Of debar


exclude or prohibit (someone) officially from doing something.

people declaring that they were HIV-positive could be debarred entry

Example Of debar

  • All of his children by this wife were debarred from the Crown, as indeed was Henry VII's mother Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond.

  • Any conviction that does not involve dishonesty is fine; it does not debar a person from being an officer of a charitable entity.

  • ‘Typically, in the past, debarments have lasted three to five years for lesser infractions,’ he says.

  • Failure to register, or to give prior notification of each shipment, will result in detention of shipments and could also result in the debarment of the individual or business from making future shipments to the USA.

  • I was debarred up to June 1999 from speaking out under the Official Secrets Act.

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