Definition Of dances


(of a person) move in a quick and lively way.

Sheila danced in gaily

a series of movements that match the speed and rhythm of a piece of music.

The poem I wrote this morning - Barong Dance is about the link between the music and the dance in Balinese Dance dramas.

move rhythmically to music, typically following a set sequence of steps.

their cheeks were pressed together as they danced

Example Of dances

  • After months of seeing Brent and Eve at all of the parties and dances and other social events, she'd had become quite content in her single status.

  • Also on this programme was Somebody's Coming to See Me Tonight, a romantic and haunting set of dances to songs by Stephen Foster, using a quartet of fine singers.

  • Although still a corps member, he dances principal roles and is the company's unofficial resident choreographer.

  • As Leadbelly he could sing and play the blues, as well as Southern folk songs and dances from a variety of genres.

  • Both buildings were built by the residents and have become famous for the regular dances and social evenings.

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