Definition Of dan


(in the Bible) a Hebrew patriarch, son of Jacob and Bilhah.

a small marker buoy with a lightweight flagpole.

The short first beat to a dan buoy near the Steamboat Museum gave an indication of unpredictable conditions.

any of ten degrees of advanced proficiency in judo or karate.

He joined the highly-touted Waseda Judo Club, advancing to the rank of fourth dan by his senior year.

Example Of dan

  • 'Now he is a second dan and a black belt degree holder,’ said Silvi.

  • At a recent judo clinic I attended, eighty-year old 10th dan Phil Porter told us we would achieve that when we had done a technique ‘ten thousand times’!

  • Chris Pate, a black belt first dan in Amayo Kai karate, has already smashed his way through 50 concrete blocks and last year fended off a Samurai attack by his wife in a thrilling demonstration of martial arts.

  • Eventually those who receive kyu and dan rankings as a result of the popularization of Aikido will end up at Hombu.

  • For Hinton is a fourth dan in aikido, a Japanese martial art which puts emphasis on self-belief and inner focus.

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