Definition Of cytology


the branch of biology concerned with the structure and function of plant and animal cells.

The laboratory medicine department of cytology at York Hospital also received a regional training award at the ceremony for its cervical screening work.

Example Of cytology

  • A repeat pleural fluid cytology on one of the occasions was suggestive of signet-ring cell carcinoma.

  • Alien cytoplasms and chromosomes have been introduced into wheat by cytologically monitoring the chromosomal constitution of backcross progenies in interspecific hybrids.

  • All false-negative cases were reviewed by a second cytologist and were considered to be the result of failure of tumor cells to adhere to the glass slide.

  • Aspiration cytology showed no evidence of atypical cells.

  • At Wolverhampton she specialised in cytology and introduced the cervical cytology screening service.

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