Definition Of crumble


a mixture of flour and butter that is rubbed to the texture of breadcrumbs and cooked as a topping for fruit.

Sprinkle this crumble mixture over the fruit, patting down gently - don't pack it down too firmly.

break or fall apart into small fragments, especially over a period of time as part of a process of deterioration.

the plaster started to crumble

Example Of crumble

  • apple crumble

  • As central authority began to crumble , they rose in revolt across France and wrested self-government for their communities.

  • But as the perfect family picture begins to crumble , each character's terrible secret is revealed.

  • By the time I had recovered, at the end of the 1980s, I think my link with music had begun to crumble once and for all.

  • Distribute the crumble mixture evenly on top, and place a parsley leave in the center.

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