crampon Meaning in Hindi

कुलाबा कुंडा

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Definition Of crampon


a metal plate with spikes fixed to a boot for walking on ice or rock climbing.

To scale the 35 metres you need climbing boots, crampons , two ice axes, a helmet, a harness, plus a head for heights.

Example Of crampon

  • Attached to the dummy is an adjustable frame that holds your ski boot via a clip such as those used with clip-on crampons .

  • Boot soles are chevroned for hiking and accept crampons for climbing up icy chutes.

  • But, despite traversing steep alpine regions, he did not pack crampons , an ice axe or an emergency distress beacon.

  • Don't touch metallic objects like ice axes, crampons , tent poles, or jewelry.

  • Hinged crampons are used for mountaineering and snow climbing, not ice climbing.

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